chillango and their amazing customer service

Went to my new favourite place – Chillango on Chancery Lane.  On a previous visit, I filled out a comments card and said that they ought to have a loyalty card (for purely selfish reasons of course as I go so often).  Anyway, that was a few weeks ago.  On this visit, as I went to order my food, the guy serving me said hi to me (nothing unusual there – they are a very chirpy bunch), called me by my name (ok weird, as i’m sure I never introduced myself) and handed me a loyalty card (WOW!).  I was amazed.  How often does that happen?!  They asked for my feedback, took note of what I said, and duly acted on it in such a personal way.  Absolutely full points to the Chillango team – I recommend them to everyone now!


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