take stock

I roasted a duck on the weekend and last night made some duck stock from the remnants (bones, skin, giblets etc.)

I used the recipe that I found on the JennCuisine.com website: http://jenncuisine.com/2009/06/homemade-duck-stock/

I do enjoy making stock – it’s a great opportunity of clearing out the fridge and cupboards of any old veggies that need using up.  JennCuisine.com’s idea of freezing veggie scraps to use for such occasions is just great – I’m just not sure that I could ever be organised enough to do that!

From the stock I have since made a risotto with the leftover bits of duck and some mushrooms – very earthy and wintery and a great antidote to the perfectly the miserable weather we’re having outside at the moment.

duck stock

duck stock in progress


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