the new year

A new year. Christmas has been and gone – and what a Christmas it was – Comestibilis/ this blog was neglected, somewhat, due to the time spent on planning and hosting Christmas day for all the extended family (for the record it consisted of a four-pig roast as well as the turkey, plus many other bits and pieces that seemed to go down well with everyone) and then a more raucous Christmas party a few days later which took a lot of personal recovery time 🙂

But as I say, all over now and time to look forward to the new year. This year is going to be the year of accomplishing new things. One thing I definitely want to accomplish is expanding my cooking repertoire and trying things that i may have previously shied away from.

So January will be filled with finishing off all the leftovers from the festive season (and perhaps all that planning I put in was rather over-zealous because we sure do have a lot of leftovers and bits and pieces to eat up!) but beyond that I will be starting to go through my cookbooks from cover to cover and hopefully by the end of the year I will be a more accomplished cook and more experienced gourmand.

christmas day menu

christmas day menu


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