hotel du vin

This is a food blog. This is a photo of a shower. More to the point, it’s a photo of a bathroom within a hotel I happen to be eating and staying at and although the shower was amazing, it actually wasn’t necessarily the best thing about the whole experience, which was whirlwind, to say the least, but the only thing that I managed to take a decent photo of.

I happened to stay at the Hotel du Vin in Bristol with work. I arrived late into the evening and was immediately summoned downstairs for dinner. Dinner was lovely: plat du jour was pork belly (one of the desert island five!) so how could I resist? It was served up with red cabbage and wild mushrooms and was perfect. I really couldn’t fault it.

For dessert stayed in pig mode (metaphorically) and truffled my way through a generous plate of cheese, all personally chosen from a varietous cheese board.

All of the above was washed down with some rather delicious and a little too quaffable white wine, the name of which, try as I might, I just could not commit to memory. All I know is that it was Italian, and came from 1997. Yes, vague I know.

The hotel itself has been sympathetically converted from an old sugar mill. It’s a bit of a maze getting from one end to the other, but that’s what makes it so idiosyncratic and enjoyable.

I can’t fault the room either, which had an enormous bed, Nespresso coffee (no less) and the most divine hotel bathroom that I have experienced in a long time (mainly because I’ve been slumming it in Travelodge-esque accommodation with work recently) but without comparing it to Travelodge blandness, this bathroom still remains divine. It was big enough to swing a cat should the need arise, and contained a huge roll top bath (far too big for just little old me) and a wonderful walk-through shower. I could have spent hours in there. Sadly my experience of Hotel du Vin was all to brief – I could have happily spent the day flitting between bathroom, bed and bar, but duty called and off to work I had to go.



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