saint vernier cheese

My usual choice of online writing tool has gone AWOL. Actually, it’s in San Francisco with The Crow so I do know where it is, but it wasn’t exactly granted leave to go there either! As much as WordPress tries to make it easy to upload posts via their iPhone and iPad apps, the functionality isn’t quite as good and I find typing on Apple things slightly arduous (although this doesn’t detract from my deep love of all things Apple for some reason). So anyway, until my laptop and TC return, I will keep Comestibilis updated with some mini-bites – a little of what I’m finding and liking right now… In any case, I’m not really cooking right now as cooking for one isn’t nearly as fun (and I would get seriously fat eating it all by myself!). I discovered this cheese last weekend, it was so good I had to buy more… So much for the trying to keep the lard of though – but in this case I’m willing to make an exception. It’s called Saint Vernier – the cheese is made from the milk of local Montbélliardes cows and it’s rind is washed with a white wine made from the Savagnin grape. Mmm, it’s little lump of gooey, tasty loveliness.



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