Paradise By Way of Kensal Green


And so it was, on one of the first glorious Sunday afternoons of the year, a few of us had a small gathering at one of the private rooms at Paradise By Way of Kensal Green, in London to celebrate another year’s worth of ageing of The Crow.

I’ve eaten here before and the food is always consistently good.  Their Sunday lunch is no exception.  No one had any starters – and this is no reflection of the choice of the starters, which all did sound rather wonderful – instead, it was because the mains sounded pretty special and it was tough enough just to figure out which one of them we would have… to have to make one tricky decision is more than enough on a Sunday, after a heavy Saturday night, I think!  For my main I chose the Pugh’s suckling pig with Bramley apple sauce (delicious). Others selected choices like the trough of Bowland rib of beef and roast rump of Lonk lamb.  Each roast came with a Yorkshire pud as well as bowls of perfectly cooked veggies, all washed down with a glass or two of red wine.  Suffice to say there were murmurings of appreciation all around.
Unfortunately any thoughts of dessert were overruled by suggestions of walks in the park (one has to make the most of the British sunshine when it deigns to appear). In any case, I’m not sure I would have had room.  I think Paradise is a great place – unassuming and unpretentious – and, whilst Kensal Green isn’t the first place that may come to mind when deciding where to feast on a Sunday roast, I would well recommend considering Paradise.
paradise by way of kensal green

paradise by way of kensal green


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