Purely and simply, I love food.

I love thinking about it, I love cooking it and I love eating it (I have a very healthy appetite).  And, whilst my cooking experience isn’t vast, it’s something that I like to turn my hand at as often as I can.  I am trying hard to acquire as much knowledge on the subject as I can and to expand my repertoire of recipes – with generally good, but sometimes variable, results.  I also try to get myself to as many restaurants as my bank balance will allow and enjoy post-eating ruminations on my experiences – which I will share here.

I’m not very good with measurements I’m afraid… it comes from having a mother who point blank refuses to write down any recipes.  I guess this isn’t a bad thing as I’ve learnt to cook through taste and touch.  So I will try my best to share recipes, but I’m afraid anyone who dares to follow them will have to use a little of their own intuition too!

I’ve had two super cooking mentors in my life – 1) my mother (from Penang in Malaysia, where the food is a mouth-wateringly delectable mixture of Malay, Chinese, Thai and Indian influences) and 2) Sue, my “Italian mother” (I lived in Italy for a year, working at the Sue’s eventing yard (their farm, which is on top a mountain, is a European paradise) and was lucky enough to be able to eat some of the best Italian food I have ever had the pleasure of tucking in to.  I go back several times a year and if I’m not with the horses, I can generally be found wondering around their kitchen trying to absorb as much information as I can.  No wonder then, my food loves and indeed my cooking are centred around these influences.

So in summary, for me, this blog is a living document of my learnings (my successes, my failures) my stories and my thoughts on a subject, very close to my heart (and my belly).


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