pork chop novice

pork chops with apple

pork chops with apple

I’ve been coveting the latest book by Valentine Warner (The Good Table) for a few weeks now and last weekend I managed to get my mucky paws on my very own copy 🙂 The recipes look mouthwateringly wonderful and I couldn’t wait to start playing. Luckily I just happened to have a couple of pork chops in the fridge – I’m not entirely sure what they were doing there as I’ve never liked them (I’ve always found them too dry) – however, one of VW’s recipes early on in his book is called “pork chop with apple & crispy sage” and the chops were just crying out for some VW treatment.

As I’m not sure what the rules are in regards to copying out other people’s recipes word for work into a blog (and being the pork chop novice that I am, I copied the recipe word for word) I’d better not reproduce it here as I don’t really feel like being shut down. However if you manage to acquire a copy of the aforementioned book for yourself, just turn to page 30 and you’ll find the recipe in question there.

I made a rather elementary mistake of reading the cooking temperature incorrectly and then using the grill instead of the oven (I put the latter error down to still getting used to my new tool). However, I managed to save the chops and produced a rather tasty (if not highly calorific supper) and not a dry pork chop in site.  Whatever you do, do make sure you wash this meal down with a glass or two of cider.