royal china

The Crow had a great idea yesterday: How do you fancy a trip to Royal China on Baker Street? How could I say no? The thought of eating something that didn’t consist of roast, or sausage or richness, as per everything else we’ve been eating this past month was a definite driver. Apart from the fact that I love dim sum whatever the weather, especially when it comes from Royal China. We turned up a little later on in the day – around 3.30ish and it was actually a lot more civilised. The staff were far less harassed than normal and the wait to be seated took a fraction of the usual time. The food was hot and fresh and tasted so good that each dim sum morsel was pretty much woofed down as soon as the bamboo steaming basket hit the table. Royal China on the weekend is pretty much full from 11.30am to 4.45pm when they stop serving dim sum and believe me, there is good reason for this!



royal china, baker street

My favourite place in London to go for a dim sum fix is Royal China in Bayswater. However it’s currently being refurbished so I instead decided to try another of their branches in Baker Street and the results were good. I’ve tried their branch in Canary Wharf which I though was okay and I’ve also tried the Royal China Club, also on Baker Street (good, but a little too inventive for my tastes, and also a little on the pricey side) but Royal China Baker Street definitely gives its Bayswater sister a run for its money – the proof, I guess, is in the 30 minute queue! (but it’s well worth the wait).

Just for the record I ordered: har gau, siu mai, sesame paper wrapped prawns (my favourite), seafood ho fun (not on the menu, but a must), char siu bau, egg custard tarts, prawn cheung fun & char siu cheung fun (needless to say, I didn’t eat it ALL – it was shared between two!).

Apologies for the rather rubbish picture of some cheung fun but I was far too engrossed with enjoying eating it all!


a quick dim sum fix

Sunday morning saw The Crow and I getting a dim sum fix at Bamboo Basket at Westfield Shopping Centre.  The original plan had been to head to Royal China in Bayswater, but a wrong turning and a tight time schedule meant that we chose a quick pitstop in Shepherd’s Bush instead.  It was never going to compare to Royal China, but it did the trick – a quick turnaround of ho fun noodles, har gau, sui mai, duck spring rolls and glutinous rice (the latter coming highly recommended actually) all washed down with a cleansing glass of jasmine tea – a perfect (if not, slightly pricey) hangover cure.