sushi 54

Just to prove that my wish to eat healthily isn’t just a velleity, finally, I get around to eating something healthy!  I hadn’t sushi for ages either – I’d forgotten how much I like it.  This gem of a place, Sushi 54, makes tasty little fish and rice morsels… and delivers them to your door.  This in itself was a very exciting prospect for me, as out in the Shires, we only get Indian, Chinese and sloppy attempts at pizza appearing at our door.  Anyway, it was very good and I felt light and nourished as a result; and it’s just as well that Sushi 54 doesn’t deliver to anywhere near me as I would probably never bother cooking again.

sashimi from sushi 54

sashimi from sushi 54


not really very ott at all

Last night The Crow took me to On The Thames restaurant in Bourne End.  I hadn’t been for several years so was looking forward to my meal.  For a Wednesday night it was very busy – and whilst the service didn’t seem to be affected by this, the food just wasn’t quite up to the mark.

For my starter I chose a home cured gravadlax on a salad of rocket, tomato, olives and parmesan.  The dish was slightly odd because each individual ingredient was really good, but all put together, the dish really didn’t seem to know what it was.  The salad part of the dish was Italian through and through, and a piece of beef carpaccio would have certainly been at home there.  But, then OTT went and popped some Swedish gravadlax on the top and suddenly the dish found itself with a bit of a North/ South divide with the parmesan and salmon especially not wanting to integrate with each other (an illegal immigrant, in the form of a cooked green bean found its way into my ‘salad’ as well).

For my main I chose the smoked haddock, salmon and prawn linguini with sorrel, topped with rocket (yes I was in a fishy mood last night).  I had an idea in my head of how this would come out (or rather, in my head I knew how I would have created this dish).  Unfortunately the idea in my head was more copacetic than the reality.  Rather than simply adding the 3 fishy ingredients to the final stir of the pasta, they had created what can only be described as a fish mush with cream, which wasn’t all that nice.  I couldn’t detect any sorrel on my plate but I did find the rocket, as well as some mange tout and more green beans!  Only this time I think they were there on purpose.

I wrapped everything up with a cheese board of stilton and brie – it was distinctly average and given that I do love cheese, I actually couldn’t be bothered to finish the board.

It’s a shame that I’m having to give OTT a bit of a thumbs down, especially as they are a local restaurant.  I WANT to love them, but when I find myself (as a very amateur cook) being able to turn out better grub than a restaurant where food is being cooked by professionals, it’s always a bit disappointing.

a wedding

Old Luxters Barn

Old Luxters Barn

Went to a lovely wedding yesterday for my friend DB.  In fact it was one of the loveliest weddings that I’ve ever been to.  It was intimate, friendly and really good fun.  The ceremony took place in Frieth Church – a pretty little village church in Buckinghamshire, and then the reception was 3 miles away, crossing the Bucks/ Oxon border, at Old Luxters Barn, which was set within the grounds of the Chiltern Valley Vineyard.

It always amazes me on the occasions when caterers, can turn out consistently good food when looking after so many people.  The canapes were delicious and included mini fish and chips, wrapped up in a newspaper cone.

For the main event, we had a starter of red mullet, a main of (rare) lamb and a dessert of a strawberry torte (I managed to snaffle a second torte).  The quality of the food was very impressive.

At around 10pm some bacon sandwiches were served, which apparently were very good.  Unfortunately by then, I was far more interested in consuming liquids, so missed out!