surprisingly nice rice

I finally got around to eating the pack of glutinous rice that I bought a little while back from the local Thai shop. It was so easy to cook – either boil in the bag or pop in the microwave. So simple and delicious, to boot.



the contents of my fridge (and cupboard)



Last night’s supper came about through means of standing in front of my fridge, regarding the contents of aforementioned fridge with some disdain, thinking that I really couldn’t be bothered to head out to the shops and then having a bit of a brain wave.  Kedgeree.  Some say breakfast for kings.  I say dinner for the lazy.  And it went a little something like this:

Cook some basmati rice (enough for two – this recipe serves two), pop one of those ‘ready’ packs of smoked haddock in the microwave (the sort that comes with a little pat of butter)  and cook according to instructions, and when cooked through, flake.  In the meantime, melt a fair sized lump of butter in a saucepan and gently fry an onion, and when soft add a crushed cardamom pod, one chopped chilli and half a teaspoon of chilli powder.  Cook for a few minutes and when ready, stir this mixture in with the rice and the flaked haddock.  I also hard boiled a couple of duck eggs for 10 minutes each.  Although, if one were to use a chicken egg, the egg-cooking time would be lessened accordingly.  I then scattered with parsley, a squeeze of lemon, and some salt and pepper.  It may not be the proper way of making kedgeree, but it certainly was effective and very very tasty.

Ingredients in summary:

Basmati rice (enough for two)

Smoked haddock pack

1 x onion

1 x cardamom pod

half tsp chilli powder

1x chilli

2x duck eggs

lemon juice, parsley, salt and pepper for garnish