a january winter salad

So after a Christmas full of overindulgence at every angle, I’m now on a mission to eat a bit healthier and lighter – for January at least (and maybe only on weekdays). I recently turned to Nigel (Slater) for a bit of inspiration – not that he is exactly known for his fat-busting recipes, but I thought he may have some good ideas on making simplicity and lightness taste good. And as always, Nigel came through with a winter salad which I have taken, amended (for quicker cooking and for fat reduction) and am handing to you now. Good and healthy and long may it continue (until February at any rate).


Frozen soya beans

Frozen peas

Smoked mackerel (I prefer the peppered version)

Spring onion (1-2 per person)

Olive oil

Smoked mackerel winter salad

A smoked mackerel winter salad with soya beans and peas

I’m not putting quantities here because it’s effectively a salad, a load of fresh ingredients thrown together, and it seems ridiculous to weigh it all out. So defrost in the microwave as many soya beans and peas as you fancy eating (put them in the same bowl – they’ll defrost at the same time and although the soya beans are bigger, they will retain a little ‘bite’ if they are cooked for the same time as the peas), shred as much smoked mackerel as you fancy eating, chop the spring onion, soften it in a little olive oil, when this is done, add the beans, peas and smoked mackerel to heat through, tip it all out on a plate and there you go.