spice merchant

The Crow and I went to Spice Merchant in Henley the other day for supper.  Having already been to Spice Merchant in Beaconsfield and Cookham, I had a fair idea of what to expect, however I wasn’t expecting the decor to be quite so “city”, especially for quaint little Henley, and it was quite impressive (especially when you have seen the more cosy look and feel of the other two restaurants).

Anyway, the popadums and the sauce they serve it with were fantastic – I could have kept eating them all night long.  We skipped starters as it was quite late already and went straight onto main.  I had sikindari badi lamb – my absolute favourite of Spice Merchant’s dishes.  They always give such a large portion and every bit of it is so delicious and it’s always a bit of a challenge to finish it (but I have no qualms about taking leftovers home in a doggy bag – things always taste better the next day, anyway).

The Spice Merchant in Henley is a bit pricier than your average Indian curry house, but definitely worth it, in my opinion.